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Books by Ray Nelson
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The Ganymede Takeover (with Philip K. Dick) , 1967
Science Fiction. This novel tells the story of a futuristic Earth occupied by alien worms from the planet Ganymede. The last holdout against the occupiers are a group of black revolutionaries. The reader is treated to futuristic weaponry and high-tech psychological combat.
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Blake's Progress , 1975
The poet William Blake and his wife Catherine explore strange times and dimensions. Rewritten and re-released as "Time Quest" in 1985
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Then Beggars Could Ride, 1976
In a world of communities built to recreate different eras of history, one man seeks the utopia that just fits him.
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The Ecolog, 1977
A starship loses its way and sends down a shuttle on a previously uncharted planet where scarcity of metal has forced the development of a society ruled by a masked woman, the Ecolog, who commands the entire ecology
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Revolt of the Unemployables, 1978
Technology has created a world in which a vast population of unemployables are imprisoned just for being jobless. A new religion arises among the inmates and violence breaks out. A pacifist is caught in the middle and forced to make a painful choice.
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The Prometheus Man, 1982
A monopolistic insurance company rules planet Earth from a huge drifting balloon, but a scheming woman throws a monkey wrench into the works.
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Timequest, 1985
Extensively rewritten version of Blake’s Progress (Laser 1975), featuring the adventures of William Blake and his wife Catherine in strange times and dimensions.
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Dogheaded Death, 1989 & 2000
Historical Mystery. A wealthy shipping magnate is murdered in an Egyptian villa; several members of his family,including a son and daughter and his new, young wife, are seen to have had the means, a motive, and the opportunity to have committed the deed.
It is set in the first century A.D., in Roman Egypt, at a time when the upstart Christian believers were battling the established religion of Mother Isis/Father Osiris-Serapis for converts.
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Virtual Zen , 1996
In a near future Tokyo the son of a pop music superstar rebels against the values that drove his father to suicide, but unwittingly follows the same fatal path. In the nick of time he finds a third path between modern life and death.
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Perdita: Songs of love, sex, and self pity
A collection of poems, written in the mid-1950s.



Books by Different Ray Nelsons
There are several men out there who also bear the storied name of Ray Nelson and are writing books. While these books are undoubtedly admirable pieces of literature, this Ray cannot claim credit for them. Here are the ones we know about which this Ray did not write:

  • The Sterilization of Carrie Buck: Was She Feebleminded - Or Society's Pawn -- by J. David Smith and K. Ray Nelson
  • A Dinosaur Ate My Homework -- by Douglas Kelly ,Ben Adams and Ray Nelson Jr.
  • Connie and Bonnie's Birthday Blastoff -- by Douglas Kelly and Ray Nelson Jr.
  • Horned Avenger: Battle Against Vonboardom! -- by Ray Nelson
  • Incredible Adventures of Donavan Willoughby -- by Ray Nelson
  • The Internal Adventures of Marcus Snarkis -- By Ray Nelson
  • On the Farm with Farmer Bob -- by Ray Nelson
  • Memoirs of an Oregon Moonshiner -- by Ray Nelson
  • The Seven Seas of Billy's Bathtub -- by Douglas Kelly and Ray Nelson Jr.
  • Shrews Can't Hoop!? -- by Ray Nelson Jr.
  • The Munchy Crunchy Bug Book -- by Douglas Kelly, Ben Adams, Ray Nelson and Julie Mohr
  • Greetings from America -- by Ray Nelson
  • Wooden Teeth and Jelly Beans: The Tupperman Files -- by Ray Nelson, Michelle Roehm, (Editor) and Ben Adams
  • Rainy Day Funds and Value at Risk (Urban Instittue Research Report) -- by Gary Cornia ,Ray Nelson

Non-Noms de Plume
Ray has gone by many names in his career. These are some names he has not used:

Ray Nelson Jr.
K. Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson Faulkner


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