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Short Stories by Ray Nelson
Turn Off the Sky, Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug 1963
Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories #25 (1963), ed. Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW, 1992
Eight O’Clock in the Morning, Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov 1963
Reel Future, ed. Forrest J Ackerman & Jean Stine, SFBC, 1994
The Young Oxford Book of Aliens, ed. Dennis Pepper, Oxford University Press, 1998
(Note: This story was the basis for the film "They Live")
The Great Cosmic Doughnut of Life, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sep 1965
ed. Joseph Ferman
Time Travel for Pedestrians
Again Dangerous Visions, ed Harlen Ellison, Doubleday 1972
Dangerous Visions Book I, ed Harlen Ellison, Pan 1977
wierd trails
The City of the Crocodile, Fantastic, March 1974
ed. Ted White
A Song on the Rising Wind, Fantastic, Nov 1974
ed. Ted White
Who's the Red Queen?, Amazing Stories , Mar 1976
ed. Ted White
Nightfall on the Dead Sea, Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep 1978
The Eternal City, ed. David Drake, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Baen, 1990
A Dream of Amerasia,
Philip K. Dick: The Dream Connection, D. Scott Apel, Permanent Press, 1987
Mister Blackwidow...,(a poem) Weird Tales Fall 1989
Valse Triste,
Weird Tales #2, ed. Lin Carter, Zebra, 1980
Fifty Extremely SF Stories, ed Michael Bastraw, Niekas, 1982
Cold Hotel, Amazing Experiences Sep 1990
I Goddess, Amazing Experiences Sep 1990
Stories vs. Tales: Some Facts About Fiction, Amazing Experiences Sep 1990
The Devil's Tune , Weird Trails: magazine of supernatural cowboy stories, April 1933 ed (a faux '30s pulp magazine published in 2004). Ray did his own illustration for this story.
Rocky Fortune , It's That Time Again Vol. 4 Sep 2008


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